why i dont believe in the five points of calvanism?

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Answered: I do not know who the good guy and who is bad.Who do you believe?

How can both lie when one is dead and the other is aliar and alive. Could you please tell me that?

Answered: Point of view in a short story

*First Person *Second Person *Third Person First Person First person means the story is told from the ā€œIā€ viewpoint. This point of view brings the reader up close and personal with the narrator. Many detective and private eye novels are written in first person because this viewpoint immediately ...

Answered: What are the five reasons we wear shooes

Let's start with safety: sturdy boots and well-fitted shoes offer good protection from sharp objects in your path. Next, let's go to weather. If you have ever suffered frostbite then you know how much you need good boots and thick socks. Fashion comes in dead last.
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