why i can load my setup disk widows xp?

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Answered: Need help loading xp for Shawdow Man

It works on my computer maybe you are missing something that has to be installed

Answered: I am a widower receiving a survivor's pension.Would I lose this pension

Yes,if you get married in the states,the benefits will be withdrawned.

Answered: How can i delete viruses in widows xp?

First, get a good virus scan program and scan your computer. If you need help with viruses, the Microsoft web site has information on how to get rid of various viruses by name.

Answered: Solitaire Classic will not complete load. It is ...

Hi Steve: For Games.com support, please go to: http://help.aol.com/article/key/51209

Answered: Hard disk bad sector: As my HD suffers from it ...

You can fix the bad sector problem by PBD(Partition Bad Disk)which scan the disk and isolates bad sectors.
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How to break the admin password in Xp...

Windows Password Seeker is a good windows password recovery tool, when you forgot windows password, you can reset your password with this useful tool. http://www.passwordseeker.com

How to make restore disk in Windows XP

If you have a new computer, there should be instructions on how to do this. If not, you can always contact the store you bought the computer from and get the discs.

I watch a lot of video but it takes up my disk space and i do not know

Your ambiguous question about watching a lot of video and you don't know how to delete it from would require an ambiguous answer. Please make the effort to come to the twenty-first century and maybe we can communicate better. Chow.

XP doubts

My p.c is loaded with windows XP sp2. system effected with trojans. trojans removed successfully. now system is speed having no problems. but i have only one problem. from control panel USER ACCOUNT icon is opening but nothing is there,. only blank. how to set my user accounts. if any files missed ...