why have urban americans been more tolerant of individual social and cultural differences?

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Answered: What is difference between american & european structuralist

Language and Linguistics - The Structuralist Era Structuralism in America

Answered: Tolerance to a medicine

Drug tolerance occurs when any antibiotic is given so readily for any sign of infection, even if it is not really necessary. The microbes develop tolerance to it and don't get killed. It is always advisable to go to a doctor to prescribe any medicine especially for any sign of infection. If ...

Answered: Culture

My first wife was Mexican. Those cultural differences caused problems with her and I and with her family until the day she died. www.doudounehommepascher.com

Answered: Do you agree or disagree that unilaterally allowing gays in the military

I believe that gays are an aberration and should not be encouraged. There is no way they can change that aberration to nomalcy. It is for that reason I feel they don't belong in the military unless they are all put into a separate unit where they will never see combat.

Answered: Describe the impact of bias on the lives of individuals.

It depends a lot on whether you are the biaser or the biasee.
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Not one word of truth in any of that noise.