why has XHTML been deemed as necessary?

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Answered: Have you ever felt it was necessary at work to ...

Sort of. I'm self employed so the only rules are my own. But I use several types of software to do what I do. (Art). And I often use that software in ways it was not designed or intended to be used in order to achieve effects I want. I push it hard and I experiment. In some ways, that does break ...

Answered: Help me solve this dreamweaver \ XHTML question before I jump off the

Try Moyea Web Player Pro - http://www.flash-video-mx.com/web-player-pro/ This program can add videos in any formats to your website through a flash video player with scrollable thumbnail playlist and customizable skin. And this tutorial is for the program: http://www.flash-video-mx.com/webplayer ...

Answered: Subscribed folders/ are they necessary if using Outlook on several

Hi Bill: So I can better assist you, could you please provide me with additional information? Thank you.

Answered: Is that really necessary???

Hi there: Thank you for your comments. We do appreciate it. To make sure your feedback goes to the correct team, please send it here: http://help.huffingtonpost.com.

Answered: I don't normally like the idea of older people ...

I agree with you so strongly. What are these men smoking? Do they honestly believe these young females really love and care about them. How delusional can you get? They claim being with someone younger makes them feel young. Don’t they have mirrors in their homes? When they get up to walk, the ...
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