why has XHTML been deemed as necessary?

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Answered: Is that really necessary???

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Answered: Help me solve this dreamweaver \ XHTML question before I jump off the

Try Moyea Web Player Pro - http://www.flash-video-mx.com/web-player-pro/ This program can add videos in any formats to your website through a flash video player with scrollable thumbnail playlist and customizable skin. And this tutorial is for the program: http://www.flash-video-mx.com/webplayer ...

Answered: I don't normally like the idea of older people ...

I agree with you so strongly. What are these men smoking? Do they honestly believe these young females really love and care about them. How delusional can you get? They claim being with someone younger makes them feel young. Don’t they have mirrors in their homes? When they get up to walk, the ...

Answered: What are the skills necessary to practice mediation in mental health

Mediating Divorce cases, whether pre-filing or already filed in court, requires a wide range of skills and knowledge. In addition to learning divorce mediation skills, participants learn about interpersonal dynamics, family systems, child development issues, parenting planning, taxes, property ...

Answered: Why is marketing necessary for a practice to be successful?

In this technology and business competition times marketing is necessary, If your underestimate the power of marketing then you should not stable in the business competition.
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