Why dog only gets sick at night?

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Answered: Sick dog

It seems possible it is doggie diabetes. Take your dog to a vet, asap.(Bring a stool sample incase they need it) Change nothing without a vet's approval(food, treats and if you have it, bring in the ingredient labels of the food your dog eats) Ask for an ER appointment as early as tomorrow. If it ...

Answered: How to get rid of ants on dogs

Get rid of ants on dogs? They burrow under the skin. Takes a treatment only vets have -- for good reason, it's toxic. Get the dog to the vet PRONTO or call ASPCA.

Answered: Sick Yorkie-Poo!!!! PLEASE HELP

One of my friends introduced me to the antistatic strap MIZTER and let me tell you, It works! I can easily be attached to a vehicle in less than 30 seconds and now, no more car sick dog. http://mizter.com/testimonials.htm Woof Woof

Answered: My dog walks towards one side Debbie

You might want to check for lyme disease.

Answered: My dog will not eat drink walk and cries out alot ...

He's obviously in serious pain, and something is going on physically that is deterring him from eating or drinking. It could be an infection of some sort, he could've eaten something that got lodged in his intestines, or a number of other very serious conditions. He needs to be checked by a vet ...

Answered: Bed of sickness

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How to soothe your dog at night if he is restless in order to help both

Hi Mac, It could be a number of things but the easiest is not enough activity during the day. Try taking him our for a walk at night, maybe throw around a Frisbee. Dogs are like children, they sleep better when they are active during the waking hours. Baring any medical issues he may just be high ...

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my advice to you is to call your local health department and complain. A pool in that condition is simply hazardous to human life and an indication your neighbor may not be quite mentally stable.

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