why doesn't downloadhelper work with Mozilla Firefox 2012?

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Answered: How can you diagnose if some Firefox extension is conflicting with others

the last time i had a similar prob, i had to build a new profile. i never use global installs ... so i have no ideas. the thing that kicked my install over the edge was updating undoclosetab ... but that may have simply been the last straw and not anything really wrong with that extension. Non ...

Answered: What are the features in Firefox 4 which improved ...

Mozilla went for the Chrome look in Firefox 4. The tabs are now placed above the URL bar, giving the browser window a cleaner look. Non-profit web sites

Answered: If you work a nine hour day how long should your lunch break be?

Legally, it must be at least 30 minutes. Past that, it depends on the employer.

Answered: What Do You Think of Firefox 8?

Like my FF...but sticking with version 4 till the newer versions allow compatibility with Google Toolbar!...A must have for me!

Answered: Why is Mozilla Firefox 3.6.10 slow after I upgraded to AIM 7??

Its slow for me too. I think that is because you have too many plugins.

Answered: Not working

You won't get any help unless you tell what site is not working, and what function is not working. Is it AOL? Or AOL Answers? Or some other site? If there is an error message, what is it? 404 means the site is not found, which often means that you entered the URL incorrectly. For instance, you ...
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I downloaded and installed mozilla firefox on my ...

It's weird because I have been using Firefox for quite awhile and rarely get problems with it. Did you install the latest version of Firefox? I got some problems when installing Firefox 3.5 (that's why I was back to Firefox 3.0), but not to the point that it doesn't work.

What are your favorite 5 Mozilla Firefox extensions? And please explain

I like Colorize Tabs for better visual tabbed browsing. NoScript and AdBlock Plus are a must if you want to keep your computer safe. Stumble Upon is a social extension. I also use Download Manager which helps organizing and speeding up your downloads.

Difference between Mozilla Firefox & Firefox 2.0???

These are the things according to the mozilla firefox site that were fixed in version MFSA 2007-25 XPCNativeWrapper pollution MFSA 2007-24 Unauthorized access to wyciwyg:// documents MFSA 2007-23 Remote code execution by launching Firefox from Internet Explorer MFSA 2007 ...

Basic Version of AOL Mail in FireFox

None of those work. Since I did a fresh install, resetting web data should' t apply. Basic version only works in IE but not on any other browser.