Why does your nose drip as you get older?

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Answered: Infected nose tip after craniotomy

Have you considered asking your surgeon?

Answered: My 3 year old son has been getting nose bleeds ...

There could be a medical reason for a child's nose to bleed, but dry air can cause many problems, including nose bleeding, dry skin, itchy eyes, eczema and cold symptoms. You can try using a humidifier to prevent your son's nose bleeds. Source: http://www.max-humidifier-reviews.com

Answered: Why does candles drip wax?

you have to trim the wick before burning it again!, to 1/8 inch...you can get a wick trimmer at any candle store...this was my headache for yrs! the trimmer does it great, or use manicure scissors

Answered: How to stop a dripping bathroom faucet?

Dripping and leaking a common problem, whether it is a kitchen faucet or a bathroom faucet. You can read this: Kitchen Faucet Repairs, Troubleshooting and Fixing Problems
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Nose pain and glasses

I am having the same problem but I wear contact lenses. I am in a lot of pain most of the time. It always feels like there is a lot of pressure in my nose and head. Today my whole head and face hurts and it has been doing this since I broke my nose a year ago. I'm worried the doctor will want to do ...

Theres a burning smell in my nose I cant get rid of, what could it be?

You should go to the doctor as it often means you have an infection, sometimes bronchitis. feel better.

How Long Do Nose Bumps From Piercings Last? How Do I Get Rid Of It?

Hi Citrine1, luckily it doesn't look that bad...just a little bump that I find unattractive. The tea tree oil hasn't been helping like I've read up on, so I think you're exactly right when you say that the oil will just cause it to become infected. Thanks so much for the reply...I appreciate it! :)

Whydo i have oil dripping on my sparkplugs

A common cause of this is a leak at the valve cover. There is a gasket between the valve cover and the head that will deteriorate enough to leak oil onto the spark plugs. That's what I'd look at first.