Why does your nose drip as you get older?

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Answered: Infected nose tip after craniotomy

Have you considered asking your surgeon?

Answered: My 3 year old son has been getting nose bleeds ...

There could be a medical reason for a child's nose to bleed, but dry air can cause many problems, including nose bleeding, dry skin, itchy eyes, eczema and cold symptoms. You can try using a humidifier to prevent your son's nose bleeds. Source: http://www.max-humidifier-reviews.com

Answered: Why does candles drip wax?

you have to trim the wick before burning it again!, to 1/8 inch...you can get a wick trimmer at any candle store...this was my headache for yrs! the trimmer does it great, or use manicure scissors

Answered: How to stop a dripping bathroom faucet?

Dripping and leaking a common problem, whether it is a kitchen faucet or a bathroom faucet. You can read this: Kitchen Faucet Repairs, Troubleshooting and Fixing Problems
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Ihave a blood blister under my nose, i have been ...

Without any formal medical knowledge, but with some life experience I can advise you to listen to you Doctor. If he decided that it has to be taken out by a plastic surgeon he knows what he is talking about. It would be very unwise to take out by yourself.

Whydo i have oil dripping on my sparkplugs

A common cause of this is a leak at the valve cover. There is a gasket between the valve cover and the head that will deteriorate enough to leak oil onto the spark plugs. That's what I'd look at first.

Theres a burning smell in my nose I cant get rid of, what could it be?

You should go to the doctor as it often means you have an infection, sometimes bronchitis. feel better.


I dont know how to explain. However, see this pic The first one shows the deformity and second pic details the deformity corrected with septorhinoplasty surgery Front view