why does windows 8 say you have to remove itunes authorized pcs?

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Answered: Convert/move to itunes

Just find the music folder about your media player and drag the mp3 files to itunes.

Answered: Why won't iTunes accept my AOL password? I changed the password and

Thank you for letting me know. It sounds like you may need to call Apple customer service. I've also included a link below to a support page on Apple's website that should answer your question. http://support.apple.com/kb/TS2890

Answered: Apple itunes for windows vista .

Versions 7.2 and above.

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I would suggest you ask the organization who is requesting you to speak what their budget for speakers is.

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Answered: Yi got mail 'emywyman@earthlink.net, say

Sorry to hear that. Maybe things will improve soon.
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Itunes store,how do i authorize a computer

Here are the steps to authorize computer. Run iTunes, Click iTunes top menu "Store", you will see an option named "Authorize Computer", click it and log in your iTunes account, that's all.

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Download for itunes

Uninstall whatever itunes stuff you have and re-download it from the beginning.

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