why does ron carpenter cough?

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Answered: Can you make homemade cough syrups?

I remember my mother giving me hot tea (you can chose your flavor)with honey and half lime.She also put two drops of vanilla extract for flavoring.Very few years latter my dad got into creating a combo of honey,oregano,water and what we now know as dextromethorphan (actual cough suppresant) called ...

Answered: Coughing, and hairballs. what meds are safe?

I believe all cat hairball 'medicine' is petroleum based to get 'things' moving. Ask your vet. Some hairball issues can be life threatening if associated with some other issue. Squeezes to your furry friend. Be well kitty, Rev. Pamela

Answered: A 14 month old with a cough thats lasted 4 weeks

I had asked this question about an older child. An answer I got was to rub coconut oil on chest and upper back. Being a younger child I would ask the pediatrician first. You could try just a phone call but they will probably say to come in for visit.

Answered: Is 'croup cough' treatable? and what are the best ways to prevent or aid

Yes, croup cough is treatable. One of the best ways is to take the child out in the cold night air. You can also take them into a steamy bathroom or shower and clap on their back. Both of these methods are recommended by Dr. Sears. During the day, try some of these cough home remedies .

Answered: Pain and swelling on lower left side, can it be caused by coughing and

definitely...you can herniate yourself through coughing ........see the doctor

Answered: Why does my dog cough, she has a dry nose and is not playing and jumping

Hi, She is most likely sick. Better take he to the vet (she needs medical help). Best regards,
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My 17 year old doughter has a bad dry cough doc says its alergys but all

Has she seen an allergist to confirm the diagnosis? If it's not an allergy the doctor can give you suggestions on what else it could be.

Why did my dog develop kennel cough 10 days after receiving the nasal

That shot is only for show dogs and dogs in kennels, many dogs do get pneumonia from it. If you get a flu shot and have a little cold it will give you pneumonia. I have never given that shot to any dog I have ever owned.

Carpenter Bees

I know this was a year ago this was asked but incase someone else is wondering how to do this, I just did research because I had one in my rocking chair outside. Someone said to spray 40-WD in the hole in the evening and I just did that. I waited for a couple of minutes and looked outside and sure ...

Does Croup cough still exist? I thought this was a condition from my

Croup most certainly exists and is quite common today in children 6 months up to 7 years old. Approximately 15% of infants within that age group contract Croup annually. It is very contagious and re-occurs in most infants. Over 4 Million infants contract Croup annually in the United States. Cold ...