why does randy orton wear an elastic on this finger?

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Answered: Why does randy orton wear a red string around his right ring finger?

Sorry but the comment listed is incorrect. Randy Orton & his wife Samantha were divorced June 2013 therefore the red string on his finger is not used as a symbol of marrage since he is not married. Plus he wears it on his right hand not his left.

Answered: Podiatrist children wearing too big of shoes

Pederast children swearing to bug off shoes.

Answered: When randy orton was born

He is born on 1st April 1980 Zadroga law

Answered: Why do your fingers look like a prune?

When flesh has been submerged for a while, it will absorb some of the fluid and swell, like a sponge. The tissue underneath the skin on your fingers and toes is securely attached to the tough upper layers of skin and holds tightly to the expanding flesh, creating wrinkles.

Answered: Distinguish between elastic arteries, muscular arteries, and arterioles

If this is for a bio class, then it should be in your textbook and I'm wondering why you haven't just opened that up, because it is in there... Anyway, here is a basic overview: There are three types of arterial blood vessels: (1) elastic arteries, (2) muscular arteries, and (3) arterioles ...
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