why does queen elizabeth always wear a hat?

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Answered: Is it possible to be hotter than Elizabeth Banks ...

Steve would still get mad if she had the nerve to talk to him.

Answered: Would YOU Like Your Grandma to be the Queen?

Thank you Faye. You sound as if you are leaving us. I hope not. Did you get the PM I sent to you earlier today?

Answered: What Should You Get for Mooning the Queen?

They should lock him in a room with George Michael. See how many times he wants to expose his bum then.

Answered: Is there a trick to getting your hat to stay on ...

If you contact the Fort Western Stores, http://FortWestern.com/, I know they keep hat specialists on hand and I bet they could probably help you with your question. Hope that helps. =)

Answered: Why do cooks wear such special hats?

Basically it should prevent hair from dropping into the food. Nonetheless, it has some tradition behind. A common one, like this web page claims, is that long ago,one way to get rid of the king was to poison his food. And so, only the most loyal became chefs. As a gratitude of their loyalty, they ...

Answered: D-Day Controversy

Yes! The queen should of been invited!
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