why does pch games mah jongg freeze up?

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Answered: I have just started to learn Mah-Jongg and am not ...

just keep playing...i find the trick is to memorize the tiles...give them names...it is otherwise confusing/confounding...you have to know the tiles...mbb

Answered: When a player'shand is declared dead may the other players exchange their

I was thinking that he could use another body part. The Real Joker

Answered: Joker tiles

I have Penguin and The Riddled but no Joker.

Answered: Where can I learn to play Mah Jongg in Tucson, AZ?

The American Mah-Jongg Association is a good place to start.

Answered: Freezing

AOL often slows down after an hour or two of browsing, especially videos and slide shows. Sometimes you can solve problems with slow response by exiting AOL and restarting it. I have had AOL 9.6 lock up three times in the last two days, using all the CPU time and not responding. My guess is that ...
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I have a whole set of Mah Jongg tiles...old ones ...

I have also a whole set of mahjong tiles like yours the old ones my mother played this game sometimes with her friends just to have some free time. There are some people need this aged set, but I don't know if they want to buy it. For best online casino simply check the reputation of the ...

Does anyone know how to set up a mah jongg solitaire game using the Kards

I would suggest to try this site for mahjong using standard cards and learn how to play this game. http://www.garethjmsaunders.co.uk/mahjong/stdcards.html For best online casino simply check the reputation of the casino site and their balanced winnings and bonuses. Http://www.casinoplayreview ...

Mah jong

pairs and singles - no jokers permitted

Mah-Jongg groups in the DFW, TX area?

Yes. There are MANY MANY players in your areas. 1st: Check www.mahjonggmatchup.com to see if anyone is looking for games. 2nd: Contact your local Parks and Recs, JCC, and library. See if they host games - MANY DO NOW. You can meet players there and then form your own group or home game 3rd ...