why does my tennager smell like a skunk?

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Answered: Why do skunks have strips?

Zebras use their stripes to confuse animals that might try to hunt them. Tigers use their stripes so they can blend into long grass, which helps them hunt. Skunks have stripes, but they aren't hiding. The first thing you think of when you hear the word "skunk," is probably their smelly, stinky ...

Answered: Skunks how do you buy one for a pet?

hi i dont know what state you live in but certain states have laws about owning these kind of pets my husband had a skunk when he was about 11 he lved in kentucky i do know they are a pain in the but they sleep all day up all night and they get into everything you might want to get online to your ...

Answered: Need to get rid of skunk from barn

I found this article that might help you out, it can prevent the skunk from coming back but also get rid of the smell: Clickie!

Answered: Diabetic skunk

Your skunk needs a ballanced nutrition. Don't let it eat food you prepared. Try to only give it food manufactured for animals. That way your skunk will get the nutrients it needs in a ballanced way. You can get a lot of helpful information if you follow this link: http://www.iams.com/iams/pet ...

Answered: I am having loud & long gas passed, no smell, very embarassing

Certain medications can cause that. Talk to your doctor.

Answered: What do pet skunks eat?

Pet skunks will eat just about anything. They eat a mix of fruits, vegies, carbohydrates and protein, like other pets do.
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Here is Lawton Wainwright doing his song-

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Smelling a cologne of someone that you wanted to forget could make you upset, smelling something that reminds you of someone who died could make you upset, smelling something that reminds you of a person you miss could make you really want to be with them, etc.

Remove Rubber Smell from masks

Because your nose is up it. Simply remove your nose clean it. Then, don't put your nose there anymore and your nose will smell fine again.

Pet skunks, Panama City, FL

The easiest way to answer your question is to call a Veterinarian or a local pet store! Most baby skunks are not domestic and have lost their mother -- you can always call the animal rehabilitating facility or humane society. Skunks require special care and a complex diet so be sure you understand ...