why does my siberian husky pant all the time?

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Answered: Why do Siberian Husky dogs dig in their water before drinking it?

probably because in their native environment they would have to dig thro snow or break ice to get access to water. Poor puppies!

Answered: Looking for short husky pants

Definitely go to GAP.com or a GAP Kids store near you. You'll get a good, consistent fit and your grandson will get Jeans or dress pants that are in style. If you can go to the store, they have clearance racks with good deals. One GREAT thing about GAP is the fit is consistently the same. Old Navy ...

Answered: Why do siberian huskys have so much fur?

Without that thick fur they would not be able to survive the long and bitter cold of the winter in Siberia.

Answered: Looking for a website for "husky professional tools" to purchasepaint cup

Call husky at 1-800-888-2468 or write to them at 2455 Paces Ferry Road Atlanta ,Ga 30339

Answered: Looking for phone number for husky tools

Could you please let me know if there is a website where I could find a user's guide for my pressure washer? Thank you for your time.

Answered: What color pants should i wear with a royal blue top

Cindylou, I would suggest white pants.
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Siberian husky

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