why does my sanyo dvd player play double images?

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Answered: Are there any DVD players that also play Blu-Ray?

Copy your personal media from DVDs, Blu-Ray, and/or YouTube to be able to play on iPod, Cell phones, Computers, iPhone and Apple Tv. Converts 1 in 10 visitors, see affiliate page for proof! www.softwaretodownloads.com/software.html

Answered: Hooking up a dvd player to a tv

You need an f-type coax connector to RCA adapter. http://www.home-speaker.net/best-home-theater-receiver.html

Answered: PAL DVDs playing on NTSC equipment.

About the TV Standard, usually NTSC is 30 fps. It's used in USA, Canada and Japan. PAL is 25 fps and it's used in Europe and Asia. I don't know the TV set withchable whether can convert the TV standard from NTSC to PAL.But I know there is DVD burn program which can convert TV standard from NTSC to ...

Answered: Can I play DVD Player with LCD Monitor having DVI ...

DVI to HDMI Cables DVI and HDMI are exactly the same as each other, based on image quality because they both use digital video signals. The principal difference is that standard HDMI uses a different 19-pin connector, which allows it to carry audio as well as video over a single cable. DVI only ...

Answered: Online Shopping

What a crock, Emmana. Buy from Amazon or a brick and morter store. These things often have problems. I simply don't trust most websites. Especially, ones that utilize spammers.

Answered:   I have an internal dvd play along with a ...

A very common problem with CD players is the need to retune the laser eye. I didn't understand whether your disc drive is removable or not, but considering low prices nowadays, you should buy a new one instead of investing time and money on the old one.
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How ro reduce JPEG image.

Use Microsoft Picture Manager. It comes bundled with the MS Office Suite. However, get the older version like the MS Office 2007. Microsoft has removed the Picture Manager from the 2013 suite and replaced it with Windows Picture Gallery (part of Windows Essentials). Even though the latter is ...

How to burn a DVD with pictures on iPhoto for a Windows-based computer to

You can use windows movie maker firstly, than burn the video into DVD.

No Sound when playing DVD's

You can use SnowFox DVD Ripper which could rip dvd to any video formats, for playback on ipod, ipad, iphone, snoy walkman and any other portable devices. Many of my friends are using and in favor of it, not only because of its powerful conversion, but also of its superior video quality. if u wanna ...

Is it okay to use a PS3 to play blu-ray movies often?

I have had my PS3 for about 4 years and I use it mainly as a blu-ray player. I have watched a lot of blu-ray movies and had no problems at all. keep updating your firmware and everything should be ok. Blu-ray Player Guide