why does my russian tortoise skin peel?

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Answered: Can you use Skin Culture Peel on your back because I have severe acne

You can most definitely use a chemical peel on your back. You must prepare your back just as you would your face though. Start using an acid cleanser each day. I opt to apply it to my back scrubber in the shower and scrub that way. You will need help applying a chemical peel to your back though ...

Answered: How Does a Micro Laser Peel work?

The lasers used in laser resurfacing and micro laser peel , such as the CO2 laser and the Erbium:Yag laser, generate a beam of light with a frequency that is absorbed by water. Because theses lasers target water, and water is everywhere in the skin, the laser beams will virtually vaporize and ...

Answered: I have a very dark skin can this help and which ...

Do you mean tone or enhancements? I had a girlfriend who was dark skinned. She went to the beach and got a golden tan. Gorgeous. They also make bronzers and other make up that bring out and flatter your features. Go to a cosmetic counter in a mall and ask for a make over or consultation (make sure ...

Answered: How Can I make my Skin Thin, Is there any chemical in the market which

Thin the skin? Are you referring to a build-up of dead skin on certain areas that you would like lessened (ex. psoriasis), or are you referring to your entire face/body?? Even though most chemical peels thin the OUTER layers of dead skin build-up (stratum corneum), in turn they will thicken the ...

Answered: Peeling heels!

Hi Angelina It could just be dry skin, it can happen. She should buy a good foot file for scrumbing off the dead skin and a foot cream to moisturize. She should also try to see a podiatrist as it could be foot rot which is a fungal infection and is contagious - so she should not share towels with ...

Answered: Will "spot" treatment peels leave my freckled sink blotchy?

I definitely suggest him doing the entire face at another time to blend everything. The TCA peel will also aid in the generation of new collagen in the skin. This will not be apparent immediately, but will be in the future months to come! Remember to use Vitamin C every day to aid in lessening ...
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