why does my pool cleaner hose get tangled?

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Answered: Are there any health advantages in using Ozone to keep clean a pool

There are not really any health advantages. The Ozonator pool system is very effective and killing bacteria and germs, but no better than traditional pool chemcials . This is a perfect choice if you have a sensitivity to chemicals or want softer water.

Answered: What are the best automatic pool cleaners out ...

Pool Shark is the Best Automatic pool cleaner of pool builder’s choice for fast and effective cleaning because its two-way cleaning design. this automatic pool cleaner easily cleans gunite, fiberglass and vinyl surfaces in all types of in-ground pools. Designed to stay out of corners, off steps and ...

Answered: I am thinking of having a pool installed in my ...

I happen to be a fan of an above ground pool . They are much cheaper to buy, install, and maintain. Modern above ground pools are very nice and you can find ones that are quite large. With an above ground pool, you have the concenience of a back yard pool, but they are much easier to take down if ...

Answered: Baracuda pool cleaner gets stuck on reurn lines

Backyard City sells these automatic pool cleaners and they have an excellent customer service staff. You could probably give them a call and get some advice.

Answered: Can aqua critter pool cleaner be used for in ground concrete pool

Above ground automatic pool cleaners can be used for inground pools, but only if they are one level. Inground pools with split levels (or deep ends) are not compatible with pool cleaners designed for above ground pool use.

Answered: How do you use the zodiac baracuda above ground pool cleaner. I

Good for you. These are great automatic pool cleaners . Here is a link to the users manual on the Baracuda official website. It should give you the operation instructions that you need. http://www.baracuda.com/resources/manuals/G4W83408.pdf
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My family have this Hayward Pool Vac Ultra Automatic Pool Cleaner Hayward, the Pool Vac Ultra boasts "aqua pilot" programmable steering, claiming all pools will be clean in less than three hours. Easy to install: connect the hose to skimmer, put pool sweep in pool and watch it work away. Includes ...

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