why does my nose get stuffy when i drink alcohol?

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Answered: Infected nose tip after craniotomy

Have you considered asking your surgeon?

Answered: Floating Wine on top of an alcoholic mixed drink

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Answered: Guarana is better that coffee or injerous for health?

Guarana contains caffeine, and so does tea, and most cola drinks, and a few other sodas like Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew, and some sports drinks. But they do not taste the same as coffee. The caffeine does not have much taste. If you are drinking more than 3 cups of coffee per day, you may have ...

Answered: I am in trouble for drinking an unattened cup of coffee what can i due to

I think we are not getting the whole story here, so it's hard to give adive.
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What are the odds of an alcoholic returning to being a reasonable social

LSD cures alcoholism. I mean really cures as opposed to the current treatment which just trys to get the patient to not drink at all. With LSD treatment the patients are able to drink afterwards because they are able to fully reassess why they drink compulsively. However the penalty for being caught ...

Do you drink too much?

Gave it up years ago.....1800 and be made a bad mixture

Is binge drinking considered alcoholism?

Binge drinking may or may not be a symptom of alcoholism. Clinically,binge drinking has been defined as continuous intoxication for at least two days during which time the drinker neglects usual life activities (work, school, etc.). That form of binge drinking would be a sign of possible alcoholism ...