why does my nose get stuffy when i drink alcohol?

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Answered: I am in trouble for drinking an unattened cup of coffee what can i due to

I think we are not getting the whole story here, so it's hard to give adive.

Answered: Is binge drinking considered alcoholism?

Binge drinking may or may not be a symptom of alcoholism. Clinically,binge drinking has been defined as continuous intoxication for at least two days during which time the drinker neglects usual life activities (work, school, etc.). That form of binge drinking would be a sign of possible alcoholism ...

Answered: How can i quit drinking forever?

The Jude Thaddeus Program (soberforever.net ) appears to be the most effective approach to alcohol dependence and alcoholism in the world. It is a research project operated by the Baldwin Research Institute, a New York State not-for-profit organization owned by taxpayers. Independently-conducted ...

Answered: How does alcohol effect a diabetic?

If you're diabetic and is taking insulin or other meds, binge drinking is not a healthy way to keep your well-being. Alcohol in your bloodstream means steeping up the duties of your liver, which often result to low blood sugar levels. Being sober, is in fact recommended by the American Diabetes ...

Answered: My husband and I were cited for underage drinking ...

I agree go to court and tell the Judge what happened . I will also tell you as JK did it may not matter if you were aware of his drinking behind your back or not . Some judges will up hold the ticket simply because you did not contact the police when you had an intoxicated minor show up at your ...
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I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Zyban) usadrugstorenow.com I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.

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