why does my navel itch?

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Answered: Itch on back just one area sometimes hurts

If you have an itchy or tender area on your back (or elsewhere, for that matter) it may very well be nothing. On the other hand, it could be skin cancer. Your best bet is to ask your physician to have a look and do a biopsy, if need be.

Answered: I cant understand why my entire body itches. It doesn't happen every day

kh- It could be a lot of things. I believe that the most likely cause is dry skin. Do not spend an excessive amount of time in hot water and do not scrub with soap as if you were covered with axle grease. When you are finished with your bath/shower, rub some baby oil before you dry off. If dry ...

Answered: Can itching be contagious?

Yes, they did a study. itching IS contagious. But it's purely a psychological contagion, the force of suggestion, like yawning.

Answered: Jock itch cured with no remedies??

i know this sounds weird, but try bathing your groin with mouthwash, this also works on athletes foot.

Answered: Itching to death

You need to go back to the dr! He should give you another prescription to try. This is the best way you can get rid of the rash (and fastest).

Answered: Rectal Itch

Prep H and bacitracin never worked for me. I've suffered with an itchy rectum for years and the only product I've found that cures anal itching is Pranicure ointment. You can get it online and it's cheap yet extremely effective!
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What vitamin supplement cause

It is NOT an allergic reaction. It is common knowledge that Niacin causes a histamine response which can give some people hot flashes and also make them itchy. Some people find that taking an aspirin or advil with the Niacin lessens this problem. There is also "flush free" niacin, but there is ...

What makes dogs itch and scratch

These are the six major categories: Environmental Nutritional Parasitic Allergic Neurogenic Infectious JayR

My husband has severe jock itch. he can stop ...

Take him to a dermatologist. There are hundreds of different medications on the market. One doctor's visit may help to get the best medication.

What is a good cure for jock itch ?

Regular bath with natural tea tree oil soap is a good option to get rid of jock itch. http://www.defensesoap.com/