Why does my internet connection say limited running windows 8?

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Answered: How do I change permissions on my documents and settings in windows 8?

Go to the start button on the bottom left corner of your keyboard. Go to windows update and follow the steps they give you. Have a cheery day!

Answered: How do I move hidden fonts in Windows 7 to a new ...

Open the Settings charm in Windows 8, then to Control Panel, select Appearance and Personalization, select Folder Options, then you can select Show Hidden Files and Folders. When I go back to the folder where I had copied all of the fonts from my old computer and placed them on the desktop of my ...

Answered: What windows addition am I running

If it is a new computer, it is probably Windows 8. Control Panel, System would tell you if it is Windows 7 or Windows Vista. On Windows 8, you may not be able to find the Control Panel. AOL System Information would also tell you which Windows edition you are running.

Answered: I have Windows 7 running on my laptop. But rumor ...

did Microsoft announce that they are planning for win. 8?

Answered: How to network a desktop running Windows 8 to a laptop running Windows

Networking together two computers that are running the same operating system is a relatively straightforward process. If you were talking about the Windows 7 operating system, for example, the entirety of the process could be handled simply by accessing the Network and Sharing Center on both ...

Answered: How to make a system backup for my laptop which runs Windows8.1

operating system provides prodives way of backing up system, and yet it is kind of complicated for common users. you can try third party tool to perform system backup http://www.eassos.com/blog/?p=650
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If you buy a laptop with low memory (ram) and do a lot of downloading you can expect trouble. Avg has PC Tuneup. It has a feature that allows you to turn off programs from starting up except when needed. Avg give a 30 day trail and it has it in it. They turn off when not in use. They give the ...

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Your suppose to create your own install DVD in All Programs. If your computer is in a bad way were this is not possible than go to the Asus web site and order the install DVD for Windows 8 You will need the serial number. Cost about $20.00 I did this for an eMachine Notebook. I wouldn't change ...

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I thought I read that what you want can't be done but I'm not sure. Go to the computer help forum web site I'm giving and ask them. ----------------------- http://www.computing.net/forum/windows7/1.html --------------- You have to create a user name and password to post a message.