why does my I phone 4 keep saying no sim card installed?

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Answered: Why does my phone says sim card rejected?

what if my prepaid balance does not cover the $25?

Answered: My iphone tells me that my sim is locked and i ...

It might be your SIM card and not the iphone that's not working right.

Answered: If I get a new phone and sim card, can I still keep my old messages and

Hai You could definetly keep ur old contacts and i am unaware abt messages. Just copy all contacts from old sim to phone (Dont delete original as if the operation fails with any reason, we could make use of it. Delete original only after u satisfying with the new arrangements). Put ur new sim and ...

Answered: Can i use the SIM card in the USIM slot? Does it works?

what size sim card do I need for the cell phone watch

Answered: A friend of mine removed his sim card from the ...

If the phone in question had the Fring application installed and was able to connect to a WiFi network then it is possible to receive and make calls to other mobile phones without the sim installed and ..... for FREE.

Answered: How do I insert a memory card into my Nokia N73 phone?

remove the down outlet next to the charge socket but your memory card and close the outlet
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No I don`t believe you get a text message.

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please admin block this number 09295604268, 09364898357. because it was lost. thanks :)

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Hey ........I dont noticed that fact . may be 1 call gonna be in waiting in that case.

How do I get the back cover off to insert the sim card?

Paul E:: Phone name? model #? Because I have a phone that you don't take anything off.I have a little 'door' at the right side of phone with a slit. you 'pick' the door open & slide it over. you insert the memory card,or sim card with the metal facing up.