why does my heat surge amish fireplace keep shutting off?

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Answered: Amish fireplace this is in newpapers buy 1 get 2nd heater free does

All electric heating elements are approximately 100% efficient, but while technically true that fact can be misleading. First of all if your heater has a fan as well as a heating element, the fan reduces the efficiency from a scientific standpoint, but even so it might help the thing warm up your ...

Answered: Heat surge amish fireplace How do I buy a new remote control

Here's their website. Click on accessories and then on remote control. http://www.heatsurge.com/index.cfm?

Answered: How to upgrade propane fireplace

I think getting a new fireplace is a better idea. There are many new affordable choices available in the market. You can go for natural gas, electric or wood fireplaces. Some fireplace are for sale too.

Answered: Dog House Heating?

You might want to consider getting a burrow bed and maybe find some insulated dog house plans to build a dog house that will stay warmer.

Answered: How many kw to heat a room?

What size in KW s di I need to heat a 2800 sq ft house avarage insulation 8 years old

Answered: Fireplace charm not xmas

clams hex nice farm parrot. An anagram.
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Hi, I live in Lancaster Pa. Home to the oldest old order Amish settlements in the world. The Amish here, live like they lived back in the 1800's. They wear the same type of clothing. To see some Amish dresses check out http://stores.ebay.com/AMISH-MENNONITE-DRESS They ride in a buggy pulled by a ...

Opening and shutting fireplace damper

Thank you everyone for replying. Did have an experienced friend come over and check everything out. No blockage, the flue is closed in the forward (pulled towards inside) position. The time we got smoke inside we had closed it thinking we opened it. Working fine now. Thanks Again all!!!