why does my computer take so long to load pages?

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Answered: Slow loading of web page

If using Internet Explorer (6) in an open Browser click Tools/Internet Options/Temporary files/Delete Files - this will delete both your temporary internet files and your cookies. If using Internet Explorer (7) in an open Browser click Tools/Internet Options/Browsing History/Delete/Temporary ...

Answered: Not a question, fix aol.Com

Hi Ronald: We apologize for the inconvenience. We are aware of the problem and will have it fixed immediately. Thanks for your patience.

Answered: The facebook page will not load from AOL

You have go for setting area..to resolve your issue or you can try this 24/7 toll free service number to rid of this problem : 1-877-836-8352

Answered: Ican not down load from this computer and need help

I am betting that the person who answer will have an accent. Anyone want to put some money on this?
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Solitaire Classic will not complete load. It is ...

Hi Steve: For Games.com support, please go to: http://help.aol.com/article/key/51209

Error Pages

No. Error pages are what happens when you send a server request but do not receive an appropriate response, otherwise known as 200 OK status. There are different server responses, like temporary unavailable, permanently deleted, bad Internet connection and others.

Just how long does it take for the Dell laptop computer battery to

Complete Charging takes up to 2 hours and must be Laptop off to avoid any malfunctions on the battery. ------------------------------------------------ GENUINEBATTERIES.COM

Why does my documents take so long to load

Probably because they are large documents.