why does my chihuahua make loud snorting noises?

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Answered: Noise in a multi family dwelling

Check with the Police Department ask for a Captain or a Lieutenant and ask if there is a city ORDINANCE regarding Loud Noise, if there is call the cops and make sure they know there is a city ordinance, make them to write a complaint record, every person has the right to live peacefully. According ...

Answered: 1999 Toyota Camry 4cyl. LE My lifter is making noise, what can be

Expect that a 15 model year old car is going to make noise. Look at these causes before anything else, as they are the most common: *Timing belt. Once a timing belt stretches, and loosens, it can be difficult to tighten but if you do not tighten it, you will wreck your engine. *Valve lifters ...

Answered: "crystal clean" safe to snort ?

If you don't mind brain damage and destroyed sinuses and nasal tissues, go head on. Why not get some gold paint and be a huffer while you're at it?

Answered: New born chihuahua

baby chihuahua are the the approximate size of a large mouse. hope this helps

Answered: What are the hours for las vegas noise ordinance ...

It has to be so loud even after like 10 pm, but when it comes to work and a Short time it may not apply to you. Ask the police dept about it.

Answered: One of our cats is afraid of strangers, and rushes ...

Maybe you can install a video door intercom plays no sounds but just the video of the people outside your door.
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Loud noise when on a/c shuts down. Noise sounds ...

Sounds like you got a compressor clutch going weak or rusty. That AC has a little clutch on the front and a pressure switch inside the evaporator. If you got enough refrigerant, the switch closes, and lets you start the AC. If you got a refrigerant leak, the pressure switch can't close and you ...

Why is loud music bad for your eardrums

It will make you deaf at certain frequencies, and then eventually all frequencies. If you want the reason this happens, it's kind of complex and I would rather point you to another reference. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/001061.htm This is the U.S. government's National ...

My CPVC pipes are making a loud knocking noise

If they drilled through the cieling joists they may have made the holes too tight. Thermal expansion and contraction can change the outer diameter of cpvc and the it can make that noise.

How do you know if something is too loud? What I ...

I assume that because sound is air pressure vibrations, too loud will cause pain. Nevertheless, studies show that long "exposure" to non painful sounds may also contribute to decrease in hearing.