why does Marty Stuart wear a scarf around his neck?

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Answered: Why does marty stuart always wear scarf on his neck?

One of his band members got drunk and went to get a tattoo. Marty went to talk the fella out of it. An altercation ensued and Marty was knocked out in the parking lot. His band member (former) dragged him into the tattoo parlor and had a large duroc pig tattooed onto Marty's throat. Both the ...

Answered: Does the scarf define the person wearing it?

Only if the person wearing it is an actor, or model. Unless, of course, the scarf was chosen by the person wearing it, for a specific reason.

Answered: Scarf bunion surgery

Google for information.

Answered: Did Payton Manning mini sezures come from a buldged disc in his neck

no. Seizures stem from abnormal cortical electrical discharges.

Answered: What are the different ways of tying a scarf?

Folding Style #1 Folding Style #3 Ascot Knot European Loop Fake Knot Hollywood Knot Neck Wrap Square Knot Twice Around Ascot Ascot Wrap Bandana Wrap Bow Tie Buckaroo Knot Butterfly Wrap Casual Casual Sleek Crown Wrap French Twist Gypsy Head Wrap Hollywood Knot Kelly Wrap Knotted Belt Light Queen ...

Answered: Who is Marty Moose?

Marty Moose is from National Lampoons Vacation!
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