why does mariah carey's daughter wear glasses?

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Answered: Is Mariah Carey pregnant?

Is Mariah Carey pregnant? on AOL Answers.#reply#reply#reply#reply Mrs. Kisses didn't you read the first post, think it's in there, in the Spring, and the first ones they told were the Obama's.. Sweet G

Answered: Mariah Carey weight loss

Well Ashley, don't we see that she is REALLY lacking in self-esteem?! If we let others dictate what we do or how we look, we cannot cultivate our own locus of control. Sometimes guys see that as an opportunity to "protect" a girl, but knowing what to protect her from can quickly become a domination ...

Answered: What type of glass did john lennon wear

http://www.framesdirect.com/framesfc/John_Lennon-lamcoi-pr-l.html <<<<

Answered: Who is the guy is Mariah Carey's video??

I met him he is soo hot and nice
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nah if u have it flaunt it

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I never thought of her as a real role model, but for those who did, I'm guessing they've now realized she's not even close. A role model does not behave so inappropriately drunk, especially in public. She's a real disgrace.

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You should try contact lenses. No... if you stop wearing them, you won't be able to see, you'll strain your eyes in order to see, and your sight will get a lot worse. Try contacts... once you get used to them they're great.

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Apparently she was with Eminem