why does jon arbuckle call his brother docboy?

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Answered: 99 pair shoes Jon Lee Hooker

Just a friendly hint. These two questions should have been combined. Most people look at these starting with the most recent. Therefore, when I guessed Hobo Blues, I only found out that it was the wrong tune when I looked at your first, but later on the list, post.

Answered: Jon Huntsman for President?

Pass on him one out of nowhere is more than plenty let's wait and see.

Answered: Big brother i watched a clip of the opening of big ...


Answered: Is Jon Gosselin a gold digger?

Wasn't Jon raised in a well-to-do family? If I'm not mistaken, he kind of comes from money. I would think Kate was the golddigger. Who was that guy she was once engaged to, before Jon...Adam somebody...Didn't he once say that Kate was always chasing after money?

Answered: Is Jon Gosselin a master cheater?

This guy is definitely a pig. If it did happen, he probably deserved it.

Answered: Was Jon unfaithful to Kate?

I believe he was seeing her before they split up
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How long will Jon and Kate Gosslin's marriage last?

Jon & Kate filed for divorce. Their marriage is over.

What is Jon & Kate's big accouncement?

I believe they will announce they are going to separate and divorce...the show will continue but this will be the last season.

Jon's sueing Kate for the kids

i hope so, she needs a doctor's help. i think she has OCD and ADHD.

Should Jon join Kate's new show?

Who knows or better yet WHO CARES!!!! WHY is this still a subject?