why does it hurt for days after I do toning exercises?

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Answered: How much attention do you pay to toning your legs ...

Hello there. I think that every part of your body is just as important. Your legs should not be neglected compared to your arms or chest or stomach. However, a lot of times, people choose not to work their legs and this leads to weird body proportions. You can check out leg workouts on my ...

Answered: If you have a big gut how long do you need to do abs training to shift it

minimum 6 month or more. http://www.fitnessabs.org/

Answered: I lift barbells every day,do 150 situps and 30 ...

First off, you're probably overdoing with that much. You don't need to lift everyday. 5 times a week with a good split routine is sufficient. Secondly, 70% of your success will be how good your diet is. Check out this page on how to gain weight Good luck, Tom http://www.weight-training ...

Answered: Do toning shoes actually work to tone up legs?

Podiatrist's View Cary M. Golub, DPM, a podiatrist in Long Beach, N.Y, says toning or rocker-bottom shoes have a place in certain people's shoe collection. For starters, these shoes may help relieve pain among people with heel pain, he says. "They take the pressure off of the heel and give more ...

Answered: Will these exercises just strengthen the muscles ...

Go to a nearby gym and get a professional fitness instructor show you the exercises and make a workout and diet plan. Make sure you get ample sleep. And stick with it, make it a habbit and you'll have great results. Apart from that supplements also help.

Answered: What day of the week is it ?

And ruin his week-end?
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Can a person stick to an exercise plan if they are doing it by

I enjoy my workout alone. You can speed up or slow down when you want. If I get tired I walk really slow for a little while and then gradually pick up the pace. I always listen to music on my phone and sometimes I talk on the phone the whole time I'm exercising. The other thing is I keep a journal ...

Poor muscle tone

Have you tried toning shoes such as Skechers Shape ups

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A great stomach and thighs exercise is an by simply using an eliiptical machine . Many studies have been done that have proven their effects on toning the body while not impacting your muscles and joints.