why does it burn after intercourse?

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Answered: Jerry Burns


Answered: Is it right to intercourse with in 12 hours in a day

Hi, It's perfectly right, do exactly what you and your partner feel like doing / enjoying. There is no "time table" for sex (sure, better concentrate on the fertile days if you want to be pregnant) Best regards,

Answered: I got a question. we had intercourse one night and ...

thank you so much. i appreciate everything you said. i dont have to worry about anything.sincerely.

Answered: If I get back to my household work soon after having intercourse, will it

No, but you might want to try these suggestions instead of household work!

Answered: Intercourse matter

Ya A man always release the sperm after intercourse. http://www.womenlibidoenhancer.org/

Answered: Intercourse in periods

However, you can still get pregnant if you have unprotected sex anytime during your cycle. Why risk it? Get him to wear a condom every time and you won't have to worry. http://www.doesvigrxpluswork.org/
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Aloe on a burn

Hi, Yes, very much (it cools the place, reduces the pains and heals). Best regards

New husband very large in gerth and length, causes bleeding everytime we

Length and girth has very little, if anything, to do with the fact that you bleed after intercourse. Are you having pain during sex? If not, then it is possible that there is another cause for your bleeding. You need to see your ob/gyn and discuss this issue with him or her. Don't feel ashamed or ...

What would happen to a baddly charred body burn .

Usually a house fire will not completely immolate a corpse. It takes far more heat and time than that. The coroner's report tells all.