why does glenn beck have a cane?

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Answered: Will you miss the Glenn Beck show?

The most honest and endearing man on TV.

Answered: Has Glenn Beck Gone too far?

Glen Beck is nothing but another shock jock. He lives to go too far. That's all he's about really

Answered: Would you buy from Glenn Beck?

After seeing Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally Video I will always have a wait and see attitude where he is concerned.

Answered: Is Glenn Beck Insane??

Glenn is in Movie Theaters this Thursday This Thursday, December 2nd may be our country’s most important night of the year. Glenn brings to life his New York Times bestseller, Broke: The Plan to Restore our Trust, Truth and Treasure, to a movie theater near you. As America faces one of its ...

Answered: Has Glenn Beck lost his popularity on Fox?

Glenn is leaving FOX, but has to be more to it.. will not affect friendship..Keep you informed.. S G
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Van Jones, Why Is Glenn Beck Right?

Simple answer: The president is only the physical face and presence of the execuative branch of our government. The real government is completely hidden from all of us. Why else so you think that our government is a REPRESENTATIVE government? We are only the subjects of representatives, and the ...

What Do You Think of Glenn Beck

I think Mr Beck is the best thing that happend to News Jean H

Do you think Glenn Beck has gone too far?

If telling the truth is going to far ...i guess so

Are you going to the Restoring Courage rally in Jerusalem?

Oh ...I would Love to go.. that would be so great.. Sweet G 6/16