why does girlfriend punch boyfriend?

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Answered: Boyfriend getting mad.

i remember my wife and I used to go to the dojo and spar -- a lot. She got her black belt two days before I did. The best way to defeat someone thumping on you is to be able to break a column of concrete blocks three feet high.

Answered: Punching Bag Materials?

you may get it online. http://www.metalsupplies.com/mild-steel.html

Answered: Sex with boyfriend??

when ur old enough dont have it at a young age thats really stupid and if u get pragnet u wont b able to take care of ur child and will hav 2 giv her/him up. i say after college that way u no u hav a job just incase

Answered: Im so in love with my boyfriend but...

well, you both could go out together to a quite place, then initiate a conversation... remember, one conversation leads to another, & b4 u know it, you both will be talking... gdluck & hp ur Valentine's day ends in a special way...

Answered: Boyfriend Obsessed?

Why?? This guy is out of it,don't you think she has been hurt enough.What if it happend to you??
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I cheated on my boyfriend the other night and it is not because my boyfriend is coming short in anyway the truth is we have a long distance relationship. I am 33 and have been with him for almost a year. He lives almost 700 miles away and I have not cheated on him until last weekend. I am not saying ...

Busy boyfriend never has time for me! Do i still love him??

It sounds like he is working on becoming. If you take the time that you have free (When he is growing), to work on yourself; you will find that it is the quality of the time, not the quantity. There will be times where he is "Downloading" from his studies, and career. It is a very important that you ...

Boyfriend with pregnant Ex

I'm looking at your age . I'm assuming your about 19 now from your previous posts. This is a really hard situation but it looks as if christmas you were in love with another man whom left for the army. Your post here doesnt say you love this guy yet just that he has strong feelings for you. I'm ...