why does gabapentin make your ankles swell?

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Answered: After ankle arthrodesis can i drive a car ?

Beth's right.. it's similar to having a sprained ankle .. It's not suggested that you drive, especially if it's your right foot. Ask your doctor, or just to be safe, have your parents drive you around until you can get cleared to drive!

Answered: Can Lipitor cause swelling of the feet, ankles, calves? What affect does

Hi Cszec. I recommend checking out RxList for a list of the side effects of Lipitor. I hope it helps answer your question.

Answered: What causes swollen ankles?

Swollen ankles generally tend to come about when you over-extend, or stretch the connective tissue in the ankle. This can pretty much happen at any time. The best sprained ankle treatment is to get on a solid rehabilitation program, to help cut down on the swelling and start to repair you're ...

Answered: Lower body sweeling relief

Thank you Have a great day! Michelle

Answered: Does the use of the anticonvulsion medication, gabapentin, interfere with

I did not receive an answer to my question about neuroplasticity and gabapentin. My e-mail address is : jtcurran@pacbell.net Joe Curran

Answered: What causes feet and ankles to swell really bad

A blood clot in the leg can cause swelling. If only one leg is affected that might be a likely cause. A sprained ankle or a bad bruise can cause ankle and foot swelling, often with pain and discoloration. Kidney problems can cause water retention, which often shows up as swollen feet and ankles ...
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fouzia, Why are you waiting this long? Go see your doctor. Anna Sparky's Mom

Swollen legs/ankles

There can be many reasons that feet and legs swell which is why you should get a good checkup. You don't mention that you did consult your doctor. Causes that you don't mention may be kidney functioning. which again reinforces my feeling that you should see a doctor ASAP.

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Yes it does.you can tell when she goes into heat because it does start to swell every time