why does david letterman wear grey socks?

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Answered: Socks with sandals

I think this page covers your dilemma pretty well. If you are going to wear sandals, lose the socks http://hubpages.com/hub/Mens-Brown-Leather-Sandals-Perfect-Mens-Summer-Shoes

Answered: Why does David Letterman wear white socks?

Sometimes a guy finds a style and brand of sock he's comfortable with he sticks with it. Bad socks can be terribly uncomfortable.

Answered: David Letterman grilling Paris Hilton

Shes nuts and her video is still one of the most viewed on the net. http://www.officialsextapes.com/paris-hilton/?video-tape

Answered: Socks

BethH, I found the socks but only in black, I need them in white. Thank you again. I'm new at this, I tryed to give you a high rating but I don't know if it took.
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