why does a scorpio man cheat on his wife?

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Answered: How do you find out who your soon to be ex wife ...

Do you think someone out there keeps a list of who everyone is cheating with? Hire a private investigator.

Answered: Why do people cheat?

People cheat because (1) the grass looks greener in the other pasture; (2) they get the "hots" for someone else; (3) they are self-centered selfish people who want what they want when they want it; (4) they become emotionally connected with another individual; and (5) they're horny and sex with a ...

Answered: What should a man do when his wife has PMS?

Be supportive and understanding. In order for a man to have any idea of what his spouse is going through it’s necessary for him to educate himself concerning PMS. This means learning about the causes and effects of PMS. The growing gap between estrogen and progesterone once ovulation occurs. The ...

Answered: How to break into iphone password. as awful as it sounds, I need to find

You are going to have to be patient and have repeated access to the phone. Very very patient. Step 1: using a microfiber cloth wipe the screen completely clean. No smudge marks or smears should be on the phone. Step 2: wait for her to use the phone so her fingers will smudge the phone. After ...

Answered: Cheating

This is not a good thing .. Not a good thing at all.
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Where can i find wifes who cheat on the hubby?

There is a dating website for married people, something connected with and affair, try to google it. Or, again, dating websites

Wat makes a man leave his wife for a younger woman?

Hi Vicki, ------- You received several great answers (thumb up, each). Certain men (especially those with low self esteem) need to feel that they are still attractive / sexy and getting a young lady is a good “proof” for it. …… and there is a challenge and excitement and hidden hope to get good ...