Why does a dachshund go blind?

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Answered: Blind carbon copies

Using AOL software, put the address in parentheses like (Candi@aol.com) and it will be a BCC.

Answered: Dachshund(miniature) health

First of all, I'm no expert. But considering that he is 84 and is still active; you have much to be thankful for. I would look at his diet first. My dog was eating too much and this was the reason he had shortness of breath. He looked O.K. but he was overweight and was not getting a balanced diet ...

Answered: Blinds? or Curtains?

Well, I don't see any particular criteria for choosing blinds or curtains but yes if you want to have a good choice of blinds than i do have a suggestion for http://customblinds.com.au/ . Here you have vast choice and customization of blinds too.

Answered: Helping someone learn colors how is color blind

There are different types of color blindness, which has he? Yes, your idea may work but it also may not, because in many cases the color-blind person sees the colors in question only as shades of gray. If he is one of those people but is fortunate enough to be able to distinguish variations in shade ...

Answered: Working with the blind

when working with some oine that is blind you should not have any sharp objects or leave them with the risk of killing them selfs try to keep a close eye when they are around open flames!

Answered: Blindness

Yes and no. It could be harder for the person that goes blind mid-life, because it is shocking and they have to learn everything all over again, how to get by without seeing. They have to learn how to read all over again, etc. For a person that was born this way, they never had to go through the ...
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In Canada, the bills themselves have different textures and security features. Also, Canadian currency has dots (although not braille) at the corner of a bill that designate the denomination of currency.

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My understanding is that there are many different kinds of blindness. For example, those described as having only "light perception" can only tell the difference the between light and dark. Then there are some people with only "light projection", who can tell the general direction of a light source ...