why do you think you're a good fit for this position? at Chick-fil-A?

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Answered: How can I turn my negative thoughts into positive ...

A wise man once said: a problem to which you don't see a solution is not your problem. How about that for a self confidence boost?! Pretty awesome?

Answered: Are You a Positive Thinker?

" The man who is a pessimist before he turns 48 knows too much. The man who is an optimist after he turns 48 knows too little." Mark Twain

Answered: Positive thinking help in recovering from heart disease?

It most certainly can and will my friend. Once you learn the power found in positive thinking for all aspect of your life and not just your health you will be ultimately amazed and hooked for life. Your body will react to all intentions you placed on it. Start to see your heart as the healthy ...

Answered: Chick Fil A

Is gay marriage something to debate being believed in? Do you 'believe' in rock and roll? Do you 'believe' in Marilyn Manson? Why don't you like Marilyn Manson? Do you think he really takes it personally? Is it a law to hate rock and roll. America should've been the first on the boat to sign for gay ...

Answered: Has anyone read the book or watched the ...

It was a good DVD and will start the ball rolling on where you need to focus your intentions to gain the outcomes you desire in your life.

Answered: When it comes to poor time management I think it ...

Time management skills are especially important for small business people, who often find themselves performing many different jobs during the course of a single day. These time management tips will help you increase your productivity and stay cool and collected. Business Articles
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Way To Go Chick Fil A

Chik F A should just serve Flamingo to get their message across.

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Another long lonely day and night of posting by the leftist Muslim Atheist poster. He believes he's fooling us with his aliases. Can anyone tell one apart from the other?

How's your equipment? How easily do you get a hardarn?

My equipment is all fine, sugar. It's either John Deere, Massey-Ferguson, or Land Pride. I'd hate to think what sort of shape whatever you have is in. Of course, Steve, knowing you, your wife has to make you wear swimming trunks in the bathtub to keep you from looking down on the unemployed!