Why do you sometimes cry when you laugh?

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Answered: Is there a song titled "they all laughed"?

There is a song that was recorded by Dick VanDike that also goes by the title "Whose Got The Last Laugh Now" That's the one you are looking for.

Answered: Hi,my grandma asked me a question,why do people ...

Because sometimes life hurts so much all you can do is laugh. And because sometimes life is hysterical.

Answered: The usual than never, what does it means in poker when a person

It's situational. If someone laughs because you said you have a straight and showed 5 diamonds, it's because you're wrong, and they're laughing at you. If it's because you made a joke, you're funny. As far as using it as a tell, you need to first establish the players baseline behavior before being ...

Answered: Laughing

From your question I understand that you are wondering if crying while laughing is a feminine quality. Well it is not, many men will burst in to tears if they laugh too much , the "tear" system is connected to other face mussels - extensive laughing will cause you to burst in to tears with ...

Answered: Laughing lots

I have laughed over 15 minutes a few times before when something was extremely funny.

Answered: IsthereanybodyoutthereHa

Immensely <: it helped that is ::: :> hope this helps <>
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Hilary Clinton? After that horrible concussion and resultant stroke? She was out of office 28 days because of that and has never recovered. The Democrats would only elect a corpse. Of course, only tombstones vote Democrat so it makes perfect sense.

Laugh all you want

Rocmike we are sick and tired of seeing your Lester's nurse, Lester and Rocmike stalker crap all over this board. We are sick and tired of your childish cartons being posted all over AOL. We are sick and tired of seeing your Rocmike aliases repeating the same crap over and over. AOL can you do ...

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