why do women date and marry men twice their age or older?

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Answered: Why do younger men date older women?

The reason, money, to secure their future, and material things.

Answered: Why do married women have affairs?

There are many excuses...Repeat excuses...Not reasons.

Answered: I'm so surprised at this information, that there ...

Why not ask a question????? as on this web site we have morals not trash.

Answered: Online Date Search?

Online dating has become more and more popular among people from all over the world. I sighed up at http://www.charmingdate.com.

Answered: Is it okay for a 13 year old girl to be dating a guy whos 17 and almost

Hi Chaostic, -------- I wouldn't let it in my house. At 13 she is still a child. Dating an 18 years old guy means that she is going to loose all the lovely days of beeing a teenager (and skip directly to be 18 years old). Shortcuts might be good in some areas but not when it comes to human ...

Answered: At what age do you finally no longer have to poop?

When you're dead. But I must warn you, you tend to fart quite a lot as the body decays.
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