Why do wives want to peg* their husbands?

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Answered: Support for wives of unfaithful husbands

I too am currently going through the same situation. I am the best wife to my husband i know how to be. if a husband wonders off and is with another other than his wife; then he is looking for something else. My husband has not told me about it; but, i know for a fact that he has been wtih others ...

Answered: Husband is empodent should he tell wive she can have sex with others now

I say no. If you're married, you dance with who brung ya. For better or worse, yeah. Of course, if he wants to completely destroy the marriage, sure tell her to sleep around. Did his fingers and tongue stop working? There are other ways to satisfy a woman, you know.

Answered: Why do wives cheat on husbands with old boyfriends

Wow... Closure, Sex, Payback, make sure feelings are not there. For me it was the Sex part, My current partner was unable to satisfy me in the way my EX did. After a few times, months apart I woke up and realize that my EX had not changed and the sex became as ugly as he was. Again Closure and ...

Answered: My husband has a yellow bosch ball cap and it is ...

http://www.ebay.com/itm/bosch-camoflauge-baseball-cap-/110665928023 Found this
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Why does my ex husband of 6 years treat me badly, then suddenly comes

He feels he's still in control of your life and is continually proving it.. Get rid of this low life.. Refuse to be intimidated and find someone who'll love and respect you.

Why wives want have sex with their husbands?

O my gosh LindaRuth I DO remember this oneit's SO pretty. Thats the way is was too, way back in the day, ah, but nothings changed, it still is. I couldn't imagine NOT being married to my very best friend in the worldthat's a great big ditto from him too

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