why do undertaker and lesnar hate each other?

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Answered: What good is there in hate?

See what I mean? Only leftists have hate in 'em. Maybe that's why they are worthless bigots who only support cross burning Democats.

Answered: Rebels without a clue.

Alas, our one leftist has proved me correct: leftists are wild eyed deranged fascists whose lies are unworthy, because leftists are unworthy. It is just that simple, and more clear than it is simple. Get used to it, leftists will always fit that mold, which means they are easily ignored -- because ...

Answered: True meaning of 'HATE"

Janet King, note that The Lord only rarely condemns anyone to perdition, and then, it is never done out of hate. It is an act of eternal justice, done as would a judge condemn a criminal to the death sentence. God does not hate us, with the exception of fallen angels who have rejected redemption ...

Answered: YOU MUST ALL HATE ROCMIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sadly enough, our tragic leftist has an all-consuming obsession with Rocmike3. Once these people get stuck in that sort of rut, there is no way to help them at all.
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Why do rich republicans hate poor people?

Let's settle a fact immediately: only leftists are greedy bigots and mercenary hoggers of money. They do so because they are dishonest and operate illegal political scams. You will find Republicans all across the economic spectrum with one exception: we have so few drug merchants, pornographers ...

BHO: the politics of hate. All who side with ...

No sane person sides with violent crime, but no one considered Barrack Obama or any of his friends sane. Were you aware that Obama's "friends" include Weather Underground kingpin Bill Ayres -- who served years in prison for a wide assortment of violent crime? Leftists delight in violent crime.

Does the fatuous1 HATE Black People?

Only Democrats ever join the Ku Klux Klan, and take lessons in lying. Since all racists are Democrats then that explains why Trania-dfrogpong supports the party of racists -- the cross burning Democrats.