why do trees drip water from leaves when it hasn't rained?

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Answered: Trying to identify a tree that turned my white car ...

I am not trying to be cute here. Go to the spot of the crime. (Or is it the crime of the spot?) Get several leaves from the tree. Check out the bark. You should be able to ID the tree on Google. Oak is a possibility. JayR

Answered: The leaves of my grapefruit tree have turned to a ...

Soil to wet, soil to cold which cause nutrient deficeincy, soil to compact with lack of oxygen getting to the roots, soil to dry, lack of iron, lack of nitrogyn, lack of sunlight and so on.

Answered: Leaves turn during rainfall

Hello The water is flowing through the veins of the tree. it also completes the cycle of photosynthesis. So the chloroplasts. Which if you can remember back to high school look like tiny opened mouths are able to breathe with the water going into them and there color shows the brightest ...

Answered: I've noticed an Orange stain where my water drips into my bathroom sink

Since it is orange, my thought is rust from old pipes.

Answered: What could be the cause of holes in leaf buds of peach trees? Any info

Certain insects could be the reason for the holes. You might try spraying with a natural insect killer. Go to your local gardening store (or a Home Depot) and speak with an employee in the gardening department. Good luck.

Answered: Are insulated rain water tanks available for ...

When I lived in Alberta we use to wrap the tank in fiberglass insulation then stack straw bales around and over the tank,I never saw them freeze so this should work for you as well.
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If that branch hangs over your yard, you can cut it off and he has to pay for it. just check with the cops to make sure they didn't change the law in your area.

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