why do the ears on my american bulldog stick straight up?

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Answered: What is stew sticks?

This is stwo sticks.

Answered: American Bulldog that needs help in looseing his fear

about a week or two once he sees that there is nothing out there to fear he would want to go out for walks. remember the more exercise your ABD gets the less chances of hip porblem hes gonna have.

Answered: I m lookin for an american bulldog ,big in size ...

i breed american bulldogs with big bully type heads 120lb+ check out my website www.bigamericanbulldogs.com i also have some video clips on you tube. Brett

Answered: Training my American Bulldog

Obedience training is the foundation for establishing a better relationship between you and your dog. Obedience training helps establish the owner in the role of "pack leader". Obedience will lay down clear behavior guidelines that your dog can follow. A well-behaved, obedient dog is more than just ...

Answered: French Bulldogs and Small Children?

Go to : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Bulldog You'll find all the informations about French Bulldog. They are not very suitable for small children.

Answered: Why are pure bred English bulldog puppies so much ...

They are a health issue breed prone to breathing problems; some have small windpipes as well. Also poor eyesight, very susceptible to heat stroke in warm weather. Very cold sensitive. Puppies are delivered by caesarian section because of their broad heads. Birth defects are common in some lines ...
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