why do some people never get gray hair?

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Answered: Obama Gray Hair

Maybe that was the one thing he didn't lie about, because no one asked him about the color of his hair while he was running. If they had, he would have probably said that was his true color.Under all that Hair club For Men products lurked Nelson Mandella (?). I am so tired I feel my eye lids might ...

Answered: What makes hair turn gray?

Gray hair is the biggest problem nowadays. You should know that, gray hair is also a genetic process. If your parent has the same problems, then you could be on the same line. Vitamin B deficiency, stress and thyroid disorders can also make your hair gray. You can learn more about gray hair causes ...

Answered: Why dont people with red hair go gray at eity years old?

Some people don't go gray because their hair color comes from a bottle.

Answered: How can i straighten short frizzy gray hair

A really good straightener is necessary, especially for wiry grey hair. I use this one from CHI and always have great results: http://www.hairproductspro.com/farouk-chi-original-flat-iron-1.html Also, use a frizz-ease type product to smooth any flyaways after straightening.

Answered: Get Rid of Wig with Hair Loss Treatment

You can now check over the Internet to learn how to reduce hair fall naturally. There are different types of remedies available that include naturopathy and even Ayurvedic that help natural restoration http://www.drbatras.com/en/Hair-loss/self-hair-care.aspx

Answered: Why do we get gray hair

Do you live without regret, Lorne?
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chad Edward hatten

Has anyone ever used fanci-ful rinse to temporarily cover gray hair?

I have used Fanciful rinse in the "Frivolous Fawn" color for 20 years or more. HOWEVER, they changed it in the last year or so and it is now just terrible! The old concotion was great, covered my grey so well, and the new one which is thicker and more syrupy does a terrible job - first of all it ...

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What do you mean by course? There are guide at https://www.airyhair.com if that's what you want

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