why do some people laugh at everything?

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Answered: Why are people so stupid.

You must be talking about Lyndon B. Johnson, phred.

Answered: Hi,my grandma asked me a question,why do people ...

Because sometimes life hurts so much all you can do is laugh. And because sometimes life is hysterical.

Answered: What do you call a person that laughs when people get hurt?

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Answered: Why are there nasty people?

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Answered: Laughing

From your question I understand that you are wondering if crying while laughing is a feminine quality. Well it is not, many men will burst in to tears if they laugh too much , the "tear" system is connected to other face mussels - extensive laughing will cause you to burst in to tears with ...
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Has anyone seen people from any soaps who cry with laughter?

Yes, more than once in a local soap that was being broadcasted in my country years ago, but you probably don't know it. For actors lacking talent it's a very common way to cry.

Can you name a powerful person to whom profits are more important than

We could expose the corrupt multi billionaire Castro family of Cuba, whose criminal racketeering made certain that all leftists are common criminals, whore mongers, and basic exploiters. Then there was the billionaire Josef Stalin, who sold out to the Russian Mafia. There was Mao Zedong, who sold ...

The usual than never, what does it means in poker when a person

It's situational. If someone laughs because you said you have a straight and showed 5 diamonds, it's because you're wrong, and they're laughing at you. If it's because you made a joke, you're funny. As far as using it as a tell, you need to first establish the players baseline behavior before being ...