why do some grandparents disown their grandchildren?

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Answered: Grandchildren's Behaviour

It sounds like they have parents who know how to teach them. They are blessed..

Answered: When Grandchildren no longer need grandparents ...

Be patient. One good way to keep contact is to send your teenage grandchildren a funny card and a little money now and then.Just to let them know you are there for them if they need you. Try to avoid alot of "I miss you" I love you more than anything" etc and keep it light. You do not want to add ...

Answered: Grandchildren

Hi Yada, good answer. Thank you.

Answered: How to write a memory of your grandchildren. They ...

so... Tanner is a poppin firecracker and always on the move and Taylor is an imagination sailor reaching for the star and moon I'm sure you can come up with something...

Answered: Grandchildren Holiday verse

Change out MOM and Dad and put Grandma and Grandpa http://www.verses4cards.co.uk/christmas-poems-verses-for-parents.html

Answered: Is it OK for grandparents to discipline their grandchildren?

Very good answer Don. Always Thinking of the feelings of the child is excellent. I've had to restrain my grandchildren and insist that they do what I've asked/told them to do, but never spanked any of them, or even reprimanded them. One grandaughter refused to wear her knee pads when she ...
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What rights do you have to a grandchild of a family member that disowns

None. Unless you have proof of abuse or something along those lines you are out of the picture. When the child grows and is of age then you can approach the child. I would suggest you continue to send cards on birthdays and holidays to the child, make copies of them, send gifts etc, keep ...

Can a grandparent be stripped of legal rights? My ...

Your best bet is to contact a family attorney to see what can be done. You can find one through the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers' website at http://www.aaml.org/custom/directory/search.cfm. Good luck.

What can grandparents call their grandchildren?

I agree with Charlie. Of course, the love a grandparent feels for their grandchildren often compels them to call them by endearments, in whatever language -- such as sweetie, darling, love, adorable girl, strong boy (excuse the stereotypes), cutie, bambina, etc.

What do grandchildren need to fly with grandparents?

birthcertificate medical card a letter from the parents stating u have the right to act as the parent in their place to take them to the doctor if need basicly a power of guardinship