why do some babies develope slower in the womb?

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Answered: Okay, some story but, how did the baby get on the ...

It happens. And more often than you might think.

Answered: My best babby

i heard just reading to your baby and listening to calming music

Answered: My friend just had her first baby and seems ...

Many new parents are under the impression that they must get their babies on the "fast track" for development. Materials such as flash cards, reading programs, and Baby Einstein DVDs are totally inappropriate for social bonding and development. Research in the field of language development has ...

Answered: When do babies normally start to crawl?

Hello You can get the idea from when baby starts sitting on thier own and try to come out or look for someone who get them out of the crib. This stage normally comes after 7-8 months and then baby learns to crawl faster. Thanks A2zchild.com

Answered: Child development classes cognative dev how do it help children

In the UK, pre-school education in nursery classes or schools is fully funded by local government for children aged over three. Pre-school education can be provided by childcare centres, playgroups, nursery schools and nursery classes within primary schools. Tumble Tots (C and L Surrey Ltd)

Answered: Will dental x-rays hurt baby in the womb?

X-rays are one of the useful equipment for both Dental Lab & Doctor. Any Doctor or dentist will not take x-rays with you unless it's an emergency. Most x-rays that you might get are low enough dose not to hurt your baby.
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Please consult with your pediatrician and get a referral to a licensed speech-language pathologist. Have your child seen by an audiologist to have her hearing checked.

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You may hear your baby's laugh at about three months.Your babies permanent eye color also begins to form during this time as well. You can read more about babies development here

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Close to 17 pounds at nine months of age? Frankly, he sounds fine, to me. In my opinion, these parents who seem to think it's a good thing for their infants to weigh 20-something+ pounds before their first birthdays are either idiots or terribly misguided. Your son's body type may just wind up ...