why do pitt bulls attack?

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Answered: How safe are pitt bulls with kids

i do not breed pits, i breed mastiffs but i believe the same rules apply to any breed. #1. all dogs can be vicious. #2. dogs bite for two reasons: out of aggression (territory, food, protectiveness) and out of fear(fear for its own life or its owners) be more weary of a dog that tucks its tall ...

Answered: Attacking this site.

You must worshi[pp the divine obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Explode your bombs in the name of the holy and peaceful jihad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Destroy the infidel in the name of the blessed divine obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must not spare the infidel of his bastard progeny ...

Answered: If I find myself experience panic attacks often ...

that would put most people into a panic. Republicans stay prepared for those idiots in office so they don't make us panic, but Democrats are not smart enough to get ready.

Answered: What do you think will be the ultimate outcome of the ground attack on

The ultimate outcome is that there will be more rockets on Israel and eventually another ground attack on Gaza. This will continue until all the men in Gaza are killed.

Answered: Is there any connection to alcohol being the cause of panic attacks in

Booze don't help no body at all. That is why I don't drink or do drugs. I don't even smoke. Thing is, people die any way and they can live healthy to the time they are scheduled to check out. Booze is spendy and DWI's are more spendy yet. That and they'll take your license. Now, if you think ...

Answered: Whats the best thing to do when suffering from a panic attack?

Panic attacks and heart attacks are too much alike not to take them as medical emergencies. Call for a cab and go to the hospital but don't call an ambulance unless you are about to pass out.
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All I can say about your question: Most people know that low hormones can cause sexual dysfunctions in the system, but many are unaware that there are serious health risks as well that can include osteoporosis. The testosterone therapy can bring these levels up and make you feel better. Not ...

If the author had sleep panic attacks, can you go into more detail about

Panic attacks while sleeping are actually a symptom of a build up of stress and anxiety during the day. To relieve panic attacks during sleep, you need to identify and address the source of the stress you experience in the daytime.

How do i stop panic attacks?

Relaxation techniques can definitely help. Breathing exercises will calm your body down. When you are really relaxed, you technically can't have a panic attack. These help for temporary relief of panic attacks although you are going to have to put a stop to them completely with other methods, such ...

How can i calm down if i'm having a panic attack? :(

The key to overcome panic attacks is to breath. Deep breathing will helps to lower the panic attacks. Start inhaling the air slowly and hold it for few minutes and exhale the breathing. Belly breathing is another excellent way to breath. I found some useful information at http://seahealth.org ...