why do people visit neighbors and friends on chirstmas?

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Answered: Do you think that people that visit South or ...

Obviously there would be some interest. The question that does not have a simple answer is whether you could sell it and make a profit. You would be competing against other things like an iPhone app that would translate, and a translator device, and a simple phrase book, none of which require the ...

Answered: Visitation

Your best shot is to find good family law offices in the county you live in. It sounds like you need someone else on your side, and if you have all the documentation, the least you could do is schedule a free consultation so they can at least give you an idea of what to do. Best of luck to you.

Answered: New people I met, too friendly want to visit, how do I get out

FYI:...justynababy...posted the bogus question as Anonymous...14 days ago. Why ? ...Your guess is as good as mine...

Answered: Why can't most people put two and two together? They can never see the

All that's left is sure not right. It's an old time social blight. Hatred and bigotry they all do shout. Fashionable? No. Leftists are OUT!

Answered: Are we friends

You seem to lack any grasp of what "Friendship" is and seem to be unable to read who is your friend and who is not. You ARE "friends" in the limited sense of FACEBOOK if he has "liked" you there … but that's just internet superficiality; it does not mean much about real friendship. Sounds like he ...

Answered: Why are people so disgustingly over the top? They really think they're

Steve-Tadpole, just cause you are all the worst of stupid, effeminate, AND crazy, don't mean you matter. It only means ain't one word you ever said yet checked out. No body listens to what you say. People listen to what I say cause it makes sense and it checks out -- every time.
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At the very least, I would call the police non-emergency number and request that they send an officer to your home to give advice about hostile neighbors. Eventually, these nuts are going to take things too far, so it would be an advantage for the police to have prior reports to refer to.