Why do people today disregard Jesus Christ as the sign from God?

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Answered: Knowledge of Jesus Christ

Well, we gain knowledge of Jesus Christ by hearing the word of God. The Bible says that " faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." We need good, Godly preachers who Love the Lord and don't place riches or any worldly thing above the message of the mercy, forgiveness and Grace ...

Answered: The ABC of Jesus Christ

There is so much truth about "the narrow gate" and "the hard way" that leads to eternal life, which "few people" find as irrevocably expressed by Jesus Christ. Be among the few! Don't settle for easy Christian faith. (Matt. 7: 13-14)

Answered: "Speaking in Tongues"

Read St Paul concerning Tongues, Prophecy and Healing Hands. Corinthians 12 AND 14

Answered: The Jury is still out

Not only was the jury hung, but it was uncircumcised.

Answered: One church

The Satanic Cult of Jameslee102447-Njoy-Faith-Yechielshlipshon must be condemned.

Answered: Why do you love God ?

I have been on both sides and I know it is real, there is God and evil and I love that God pulled me away from evil and now I am sheltered in his arms and I thank him daily. God is good all the time.
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Two great questions in one! Jesus Christ is God Almighty in person, as he once revealed himself to Moses in the "flame coming from the middle of a bush on fire but not burning up", i.e., self-sufficient fire/life, a.k.a., "I Am Who I Am" with an identical promise for posterity (Ex. 3: 1-15). The ...

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The leftist Muslim Atheist poster is still posting. What an exciting life he has. Why would anyone waste their whole life doing nothing but posting every waking minute? What has left this person so bitter and full of hate?