why do parents send their children to a summer camp?

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Answered: Summer camp: Good for kids, good for parents?

Speaking from having the experience of being the child who has gone camp, the counselor who had the privilege to spend a week with great kids, and an aunt who helps pay for her nieces and nephews to be able to go to camp, it is by far one of the best experiences you can give your child. I was ...

Answered: Help for finsing summer camps?

Contact the local YMCA. they usually sponsor a summer camp or know of them in your area.

Answered: What did summer camp do for you?

Summer camp changes kids lives... we see it every day at Swift Nature Camp. Take a look at our site www.swiftnaturecamp.com

Answered: Is there a Quannacut YWCA camp for girls in Pine bush, NY. in late 1950's

Yes, went there 1952-1956. Love the diversity all nationalities, races, religions. Learned to swim, canoe, hike, ride horses, and loved the singing. Hiking to Verkerderkill Falls, Walker Valley and Sam's Point. It was rugged but great. Recall names Elaine F, Hazel, Joan, Freydyne. First year age ...

Answered: Summer Camp

There are lots of types of summer camp going on in Illinois before choosing any summer camp find out the activities of camps. If you can’t find it online then ask camp co-coordinator about it. It’s necessary to know all activities of camp and ask your child is he/she is interested in it or not. Dont ...
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Where do you live and what kind of camp are you looking for? I can help you find reasonably proced camps and also direct you to those which offer financial aid if there is a need. Please contact me at pamela@campexperts.com I would be happy to help you.

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Are you still interested in a Kosher tennis/golf camp for the upcomig summer? I can help. email me at pamela@campexperts.com

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Summer camp

If you wants to join a summer boot camp program its name workoutla and after completing its camping he will loss its weight through weight loss summer camps so if you want to loss your weight then go and join workoutla